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  • Week 1 - Sing! - students will choose between an assortment of solo song cuts from within the show.

  • Week 2 - Dance! - students will learn choreography to a dance break from within the show.

  • Week 3 - Act! - students will choose between an assortment of scenes from within the show.

  • Week 4 - Triple Threat! - students will learn a cut of music from within the show which will incorporate all the elements of triple threat skills.


At the start of every week, students will receive a class package PDF including:

  • Class Video - introduction, warmup, and instruction

  • Piano Accompaniment Recordings, Sheet Music, or Scenes

  • Practice Video

Each week, students will work on the given assignment on their own schedule. When they feel performance ready, they will put themselves on camera and submit the video for feedback.

Students will then receive INDIVIDUALLY TAILORED feedback.

Click below for a breakdown of workshop content within each show!

*Keep in mind that the given age ranges are a suggestion.

(Other shows available by request!)

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