At the start of every week, students will receive a class package PDF including:

  • Class Video - introduction, warmup, and instruction

  • Piano Accompaniment Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Practice Video



Each week will focus on a different musical and will feature a brief cut from a song within that musical. Students will use the class video and accompanying tools to put together the number as a full triple threat package - singing, dancing, and acting. 

Students will practice on their own schedule during the week.

When they feel performance ready, they will put themselves on camera and submit the video for feedback. Students will then receive INDIVIDUALLY TAILORED feedback on their work.

You may choose an established workshop set up by theme, or you may choose your own set of numbers as a "choose your own adventure" workshop.

The workshops are set up for 6 weeks by theme, but can be run for any number of weeks.

Click below for a breakdown of content within each theme!

*Keep in mind that the given age ranges are a suggestion.


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