"We finally found a program that develops skill building in singing, dancing, and acting all together!  I love the variety in the material for it broadens my daughter's experiences. And very importantly she has really improved her ability to record her performances which is going to help her tremendously as she applies to musical theater college programs. She has learned the technical parts as well as how to give an effective performance to a camera."

--Teressa Syta, Parent

"For anyone needing some musical theatre in their lives... I took the first session of this, and it’s SO much fun! You’ll exercise those triple-threat muscles by learning a song & dance from a different musical every week. This is also a great resource for theatre teachers (or homeschooling parents) who need some extra content. The pace of instruction is perfect for teens, but I highly recommend this to students of all ages. You’ll feel like you’re in a show again!"

--Abby Carlson, Theatre Instructor

"Jorieography is a unique learning experience that is a must for any musical theater performer. This course offers students the ability to learn a variety of musical theater material in their own home.  Jorie Janeway is a seasoned performer and consummate professional who will challenge a student in a very supportive environment.  Along with choreography and vocal training, Jorieography offers the student the chance to learn the all important skill of performing for the camera.  It is a program that is exceptional at any time, but is extremely opportune as we work to create during this unprecedented time.  We are very fortunate to have this program as part of the Encore learning experience."  

--Carla Rojo, Executive Director, Encore Theatre Group

"I got a lot better at recording myself and applying feedback. The routines covered a variety of styles and were super fun!"

--Kathy Syta, Student


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